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Salted pork belly with fragrant broth

Salted pork belly with fragrant broth

Serves 2

Pork belly ingredients

Pork belly 300g

Star anise 3 each

Black pepper corns 3 each

Table salt 150g

Water 300ml

For the braising liquid for the pork belly


Water to cover the pork belly

Light soy sauce 150ml

Star anise 2 each

Chilli 1 each cut in half

Coriander stalks 50g

Method for the braise

Fill a pan with water add the cut chill , coriander stalks soy sauce and star anise . Add the pork belly bring to he boil them reduce to a simmer cook until tender . Remove from the liquid place on a tray with non stick baking paper add another sheet on top of the pork belly allow to cook a little, then place a tray on top and press in the fridge over night .

Method for the broth


Chicken carcass 1 each

Large white onion 1each

Garlic cloves peeled 1 each

Celery 1 stick

Peppercorns black 3 each

Ginger 150g

Wash the chicken carcass , then place in a pan cover with cold water and bring to the boil , remove the impurities , then add the other ingredients , reduce to a simmer and cook for 40 minutes remove from the heat and pass through a fine sieve.

For the garnish

Large free range eggs 2 each 6minutes 30 seconds boiled, refreshed and peeled

Black and white sesame seeds 20g

Chilli flakes to taste

Bok Choi blanched

Fresh red chilli 80g

Coriander fresh picked 10g

Bean sprouts blanched 20g

Spring onions sliced 20g

Egg noodles 150g

Shijimi mushrooms 50g

Assemble the dish as per the picture.

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