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Bramley apple pie with toffee sauce

Warm Bramley apple pie with toffee sauce


Mixed dried beans for blind baking

For the sweet pastry

Plain flour 225g

Unsalted butter 110g

Free range egg 1

Castor sugar 80g

For the filling

Large Bramley apples 3

Castor sugar 80g

Ground cinnamon 2 tea spoon

For the toffee sauce

Golden caster sugar 100g

Unsalted butter 85g

Double cream 300ml

For the vanilla cream

Double cream 250ml double cream

Icing sugar 2 table spoon

Vanilla essence 1 tea spoon

For decoration

Apple crisp

Bramley apple 1/2

Stock syrup basic

150ml water

150g sugar

Icing sugar 50g

Acai powder 50g


For the sweet pastry

Cut the butter into 1cm cubes and mix with the plain flour to form a crumb add the castor sugar. Lightly beat the egg and add to the mix form a dough , knead until all the Ingredients are combined then allow to rest in the fridge.

Rub the inside of the tart mould with butter to prevent the pastry sticking.

When rested allow to soften , then roll out to line the tart mould , on top of the pastry in the mould place three layers of cling film add the mixed beans and close up the cling film, blind bake the tart case for 8 minutes at 170oc remove the blind baking mixing and bake for a further six minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

For the filling

Peel and cut 2.5 of the apples into 1.5 cm pieces, save the other half for the apple crisps later .

Place the apples into a pan add the sugar and the cinnamon, add a splash of water , bring to the boil reduce the heat and then cook to soften. Add the apples to the baked tart case base.

Roll out a pastry lid , cover the top of the tart case , use a little beaten egg to help it stick.

Brush with egg wash , make three small holes in the pastry lid and bake for 10 minutes at 170oc until golden brown.

For the apple crisp

Put the water and sugar into a pan bring to the boil allow the suave to dissolve.

Allow to cool , thinly slice the apple on a mandolin, dip into the sugar syrup and coat totally,

Place onto a non stick mat , then bake in the oven at 100oc until crisp.

For the vanilla cream

Add the icing sugar to the cream add the vanilla essence and whisk until thick.

Do not over whisk and curdle the cream.

For the toffee sauce

Warm the double cream , in a separate pan add the sugar as it starts to colour add the butter , then add the cream allow to boil whisking continuously. Reduce the heat then simmer until thickened .

Dust the top of the pie with the icing sugar and the acai powder , then assemble the dish as per the picture

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